“I was asked by administration to attend the initial training session and decided that I would like to continue with the year long workshops.
It has certainly made me more mindful. I am more likely now to practice silent empathy before dealing with angry parents. It has given me some very valuable tools to approach all forms of communication in my personal and private life.
I will not be here to impart any of my training on others in the community, but I think it would be valuable for all staff to have a few workshops to help them think about their interactions with others.” 
Gina Haslemore, Elementary Teacher
“I feel that I will be a better communicator in different situations and that also I am able to feel more confident when dealing with conflicts and using appropriate ways to communicate. I feel with students I will be able to set up a system that will start at the beginning of the year to enable students to do the same and communicate their intentions clearly and also to deal with conflicts.”
Charaine Poutasi, Early Years Teacher
Judy and Giuseppe were both very open and responsive to the needs of the group.   We were consulted and had input into the structure of the sessions at all times.  This helped to create a safe and open culture of acceptance among the participants and facilitators. 
Judy and Giuseppe were both very knowledgeable, which was helpful during group discussions.  They were also very open an good listeners, which was at times, very appropriate for the group.”
Carl Kirkpatrick, PYP Coordinator
“We are trying to accomplish a lot at IICS. We are committed to being an exceptional school. We are opening our classrooms and office and taking down our walls both metaphorically and literally – in our new spaces we will be called on to collaborate more, team-teach more, coach more, facilitate student learning more – make learning personal – for all of these reasons we are called upon to think deeply about ourselves as communicators and to improve.
The facilitators did an excellent job crafting this program to the individual and personal needs of the participants. There was a nice balance of theoretical and practical conversations. I believe everyone benefited from the practice sessions.“
John D’Arcy, Director of Student Learning
“I want to model this communication for my students.  I want my students to know that I understand and support their needs and that they have choices in my classroom.  It’s certainly a goal of mine. 
This practice helps me contribute to a school environment that is supportive and empathetic – just being aware of my “jackal” behaviors is a good step in transforming them.
 I do feel empowered.  I have had very difficult conversations with my administration this year, each one with the NVC very activated for me.  It has certainly helped me understand my needs.”
Jen Ribachonek, Teacher
“Within my school environment, many adults are more complex in their communication styles. Identifying what their needs are is sometimes trickier as compared to a student. By continuing to develop my ability to identify needs, I am hopeful this will help me create a more positive and calm work environment.”
How will this training impact you-as a teacher/administrator? “Being able to take a step back when I am feeling triggered or frustrated will help me to look at the whole picture and come from a place of calm.”